Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Overzealous Longhorns

I came across the All Things Longhorn blog a week or two ago and have been irregularly browsing the site since. As a USC fan, I find many of the posts quite amusing. Expectedly (but not necessarily justifiably), the Longhorns' jump past USC in the BCS ranking generated significant euphoria. The prevailing theme of the blog seems to be that Texas, enjoying a once-in-a-generation season (it's a little sad, really, that they expect success on this level so infrequently), clearly has the nation's best college football team even though all the major human polls indicate otherwise. For All Things Longhorn, the latest BCS ranking validates this belief. I found the following statement interesting and decided to record it so I wouldn't forget it later:

USC can talk 29 consecutive wins and all that jazz, but for the 2005 season alone, the Texas Longhorns have been the best team in all the land, as the current BCS ranking reflects [italics mine].

Considering the slim nature of Texas' lead in the ranking and the relative strengths of the remainders of the Trojans' and the Longhorns' schedules, I hope All Things Longhorn doesn't change it's tune when USC regains the #1 spot in the BCS ranking in the coming weeks.

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