Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Longhorn Fans' Rooting Guide

Is this serious? Do Longhorns fans really need to be told which teams to root for? They even advocate rooting for the Sooners and the Aggies because it will improve Texas' schedule strength. That's just sad.

As long as polls play a role in determining the national champion of Div. 1 college football, no team is in complete control of its destiny. What's the use in getting worked up over the results of games across the country over which your team has absolutely no influence. It's simple for USC fans; we root for the Trojans . . . and whoever is playing UCLA.

Update: I guess this is a weekly thing.

Further update: It looks like All Things Longhorn took offense to this post. ; )


Willy Wonka said...

Dude, it's precisely BECAUSE there are these polls and formulas that matter, that you have to root for certain teams to win and lose. Just ask Auburn if it all matters. You bet it does. Why the hell wouldn't you root for whichever teams give you a chance to make the national title game. That IS the goal, right? Or is the goal to see OU and A&M flounder every year?

Anonymous said...

I know USC fans do not understand about the how the BCS works (If they did they would know they are not two time defending champs) but strength of schedule is a factor. The rest is math and since I know you can't follow math I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say if USC had been cheering for UCLA to be undeafted when they played in 2003 instead of 5-5 they may have actually played for a national title that year.

Bryan said...

Root for whomever you want. All I'm saying is, with the emotional stake I already have in Trojan football, I don't need the additional stress of pulling for teams with peripheral influence on my team's fate. I remember back in 2003 I was watching Alabama-Hawaii on Thanksgiving weekend. Somebody told me I should root for Hawaii because a Hawaii win would help USC's BCS ranking (we beat Hawaii earlier in the year). I thought, "That's crazy – I don't care about either of these teams." Well, if I remember correctly Hawaii did win and we all know what happened – good thing I didn't get worked up over that.

As for Auburn, hopefully their AD learned that scheduling weak non-conference foes is not conducive to winning national championships, both in the eyes of voters and the microchips of computers.

I do generally root for the Pac-10 out of a sense of conference camaraderie and because I have many friends at other Pac-10 institutions. However, I will NEVER root for UCLA. In your case, I'd say perennial mediocrity on the part of A&M and OU would be good for UT football in the long-run. Recruiting, after all, is the cornerstone of any elite program. Maybe you are just hoping for a one-hit wonder.

Anonymous said...

I guess that is a difference Texas fans cheer for thier team and define themselves by thier team alone. Youpleasure in the suffering of others. This is a sign of low self esteem and does not speak well of you.

Bryan said...

Hey Anonymous II, take that up with ATL. They’re the ones publishing the Longhorns' Rooting Guide. I'm the one arguing in favor of rooting for my team and my team alone.

Michael said...

USC fans really are dumb>>>>>>>

He got it right the first time.