Friday, November 21, 2008

Carroll to NFL . . . Ever?

This seems like good news . . . unless it's just standard coach-speak in response to the same question about the NFL Carroll fields every fall:

Washington: “You can go down as a legendary coach at the college level, but (are there) any desires when you’re sitting around at the table in the offseason saying, “I wonder if I can do that at the NFL level, and just dominate like how (I’ve) done at the college level?’ ”
Carroll: “I think I’m very fortunate that I had a lot of years in the NFL and had a blast. And I still love the NFL. I think it’s a great league. It’s a great level of competition and all. But we just found home here. It just seems to fit well, and we’ve had a great time here at ‘SC. Been very lucky to be at this school at this time.
“I’m having the time of my life, as content as you can get. And hopefully we’ll just be able to stay here and keep this thing rolling as long as we can.”

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