Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Virginia Weekender

The best thing about USC opening their season against UVA in Charlottesville was I got to go to the game! We hitched a ride from DC to Charlottesville on one of the USC Alumni Association charter buses and hung out before the game at the USC tailgate inside UVA's basketball arena, John Paul Jones Arena. We'd been to Charlottesville and the UVA campus before, so we didn't spend any time wandering around campus except for our walk to the stadium.

Scott Stadium from Row Y, Section 521. I read this game set an attendance record for the stadium.

Joe McKnight flies through the air for the Trojans' second touchdown. Pete Carroll celebrates in the background.

Scott Stadium was a pretty cool stadium for college football, especially the lawn behind the opposite end zone.

Marc Tyler's catch and run for a touchdown.

Only Row Z offered respite from the oppressive heat, thanks to a breeze coming over the top of the stadium. We noticed only the home team's benches had canopies providing shade.

Bring on the Buckeyes!

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uva fan said...

That is true... we normally do not provide that for the opposing team, since they bring their own normally (if they want it). However, we did bring usc some fans that sprayed mist the whole game. if only they did it for the marching band also... those uniforms were brutal that day.