Tuesday, December 06, 2005

ESPN Rose Bowl Poll

ESPN SportsNation's Rose Bowl poll results, with my answers in bold.

Some points of clarification:

Question 2) Who will be the game's biggest star?
Reggie Bush could have a huge game – he has in all of USC's big games this year. However, Bush had a relatively quiet game in the 2005 Orange Bowl. I think Texas will game-plan for Bush, and if the Trojans' versatile and balanced offense takes what the defense gives them, someone else will have a huge game. It could be Dwayne Jarrett; it could be Steve Smith or Dominique Byrd, like last year; it could be LenDale White. Obviously, Matt Leinart will play a huge role in whatever happens.

Question 3) What was USC's best win of the season?
If “best” means best overall performance on offense and defense in a big game, then it was the UCLA game. If “best” means most exciting, historically significant win, then it was the Notre Dame game.

The most noteworthy poll results relate to questions 10 and 11, “Which coach would you want on the recruiting trail?” and “Which coach would you want preparing a team for a national title game?” Pete Carroll holds commanding leads over Mack Brown on those two questions.

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